Our Products

  • Freak Shakes

    Be amazed by our fabulous home made Freak Shakes, towering with delightful treats!
    Made with local award winning gelato

  • vegan freak shake

    Bearded Babe

    Strawberry Gelato shake with a cupcake piled with sauces, sweeties and wafers

  • vegan freak shake

    Double Trouble

    Chocolate Gelato shake with a chocolate cupcake, cream, sauce and delicious delights!

  • vegan freak shake

    Pinhead Punch

    Coffee and vanilla Gelato shake adorned with a cupcake, caramel sauce, cinder toffee and biscotti

  • vegan freak shake


    Chai and vanilla Gelato shake, towering with a cupcake, caramel sauce, popcorn and candy

  • vegan freak shake

    The Strongman

    Nutty and vanilla Gelato shake with a cupcake showered with peanuts, chocolate sauce and Oreos

  • Gourmet Popcorn

    With lashings of toppings and tasty bits, our popcorn will delight young and old.

  • Coconut Carousel Popcorn

    Coconut Carousel

    Sweet coconut oil, toasted coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips

  • Bakewell Big Top Popcorn

    Bonanaza Big Top

    Salted caramel base adorned with chocolate chips and sweeties

  • Salty Somersault Popcorn

    Salty Somersault

    Rosemary infused olive oil showered with rosemary and sea salt

  • Chilli Carnival Popcorn

    Chilli Carnival

    Chilli oil glaze with spicy chilli, paprika and sea salt sprinkles

  • Pineeapple Parade Popcorn

    Popping Parade

    Sweet sesame oil decked with fruit, nuts and caramel sauce